Best of 2019 Collection

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From the year's limited edition bonbon assortments, we've selected our favourite flavours - and yours!  Here they are, assembled in one collection for a limited time.

Flavours include:

Tiramisu (Piece of Cake Collection)

Chocolate Chip, Mint (Ice Cream Collection)

Rosen's Cinnamon Bun 

Smoked Maple, Walnut (Fireside Collection)

Banana Cream Caramel Cake (Piece of Cake Collection)

Passion Fruit Caramel (Glowing Hearts Collection)

Butter Pecan (Ice Cream Collection)

Sweet Corn, Whiskey, Caramel (Fireside Collection)

Carrot Cake (Piece of Cake Collection)


Ingredients: 64% Dark Chocolate Shell: Unsweetened chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Soy lecithin, Natural vanilla flavour. Passion Fruit: White chocolate, Sugar, Passion fruit puree, Cream, Butter, Glucose, Salt. Maple Walnut: White chocolate, Cream, Whisky (alcohol), Lapsang tea, Maple syrup, Sugar, Glucose, Butter, Salt, Walnuts. Creamed Corn: White chocolate, Cream, Whisky (alcohol), Creamed corn, Glucose, Lime, Butter, Salt, Black pepper. Cinnamon Bun: White chocolate with caramel, Cream cheese, Cream, Glucose, Butter, Rosen's Spread (brown sugar, butter, cream [cream, milk, carrageenan, polysorbate 80], cinnamon, sea salt, soy lecithin, spice, mono and diglycerides, carboxymethyl cellulose, potassium sorbate), Cinnamon. Mint: White chocolate, Cream, Crème fraîche, Butter, Cocoa nibs, Glucose, Peppermint oil. Butter Pecan: White chocolate, Cream, Butter, Brown sugar, Glucose, Pecans, Vanilla, Salt. Banana: White chocolate with caramel, White chocolate, Cream, Butter, Banana puree, Glucose, Milk powder, Vanilla. Tiramisu: Dark chocolate, Cream, Butter, Mascarpone, Frangelico (alcohol), Glucose, Sugar. Carrot: Milk chocolate, Cream, Butter, Carrot juice, Cream cheese, Sugar, Glucose, Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg. Contains: Cream, Milk, Soy, Walnuts, Pecans and Alcohol. May contain traces of Peanuts and/or Gluten. Keep refrigerated. Ingrédients: Coquille Chocolat noir 64%: Chocolat non sucré, Sucre, Beurre de cacao, Lécithine de soja, Arôme naturel de vanille. Fruit de Passion: Chocolat blanc, Sucre, Purée de fruits de la passion, Crème, Beurre, Glucose, Sel. Érable, Noix: Chocolat blanc, Crème, Whisky (alcool), Thé Lapsang, Sirop d'érable, Sucre, Glucose, Beurre, Sel, Noix. Maïs à la crème: Chocolat blanc, Crème, Whisky (alcool), Maïs à la crème, Glucose, Citron vert, Beurre, Sel, Poivre noir. Brioche à la Cannelle: Chocolat blanc au caramel, Fromage à la crème, Crème, Glucose, Beurre, Rosen's Spread (cassonade, beurre, crème [crème, lait, carraghénane, polysorbate 80], cannelle, sel marin, lécithine de soja, épices, mono et diglycérides, carboxyméthylcellulose, sorbate de potassium), Cannelle. Menthe: Chocolat blanc, Crème, Crème fraîche, Beurre, Grués de cacao, Glucose, Huile de menthe. Pacanes au Beurre: Chocolat blanc, Crème, Beurre, Cassonade, Glucose, Pacanes, Vanille, Sel. Banane: Chocolat blanc au caramel, Chocolat blanc, Crème, Beurre, Purée de banane, Glucose, Lait entier en poudre, Vanille. Tiramisu: Chocolat noir, Crème, Beurre, Mascarpone, Frangelico (alcool), Glucose, Sucre. Carotte: Chocolat au lait, Crème, Beurre, Jus de carotte, Fromage à la crème, Sucre, Glucose, Canelle, Piment de Jamaïque, Noix de muscade. Contient de la Crème, du Lait, du Soja, des Noix, des Pacanes et de l'Alcool. Peut contenir des traces d'Arachides et/ou du Gluten. Garder réfrigérer. 


All CXBO bonbons must be refrigerated upon arrival. Bonbons may expire within 2-6 weeks of delivery.

CXBO bonbons are hand-painted with vegan, pigmented cocoa butter.