Piece of Cake Collection
Limited Edition

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This limited edition bonbon collection makes Mother’s Day gifting a piece of cake.

Flavours include:

Opera Cake

Banana Cream Caramel Cake


New York Cheesecake

Black Forest Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Carrot Cake

Jelly Roll

Lemon Poppyseed Cake

Ingredients: 64% Dark chocolate shell: Unsweetened chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Soy lecithin, Natural vanilla flavour. Opera: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Cream, Butter, Glucose, Coffee. Banana: White chocolate with caramel, Cream, Butter, Banana Purée, Glucose, Milk powder, Vanilla. Tiramisu: Dark chocolate, Cream, Butter, Mascarpone, Frangelico (alcohol), Glucose, Sugar. Cheesecake: White chocolate, Cream, Cream cheese, Crème fraîche, Butter, Glucose, Cherry jam, (Sugar, Cherry purée, Apple juice, Glucose, Pectin, Citric acid), Graham cracker (gluten). Black Forest: Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Cream, Cherry purée, Butter, Glucose, Amarena Cherry, Kirsch (alcohol), Milk Powder, Vanilla. Shortcake: White chocolate, Cream, Butter, Milk powder, Glucose, Vanilla, Strawberry jam (Sugar, Strawberry purée, Apple juice, Glucose, Pectin, Citric acid). Carrot: Milk chocolate, Cream, Butter, Carrot juice, Cream cheese, Sugar, Glucose, Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg. Jelly Roll: White chocolate, Cream, Milk powder, Butter, Glucose, Blackberry jam (Sugar, Blackberry purée, Apple juice, Glucose, Pectin, Citric acid). Lemon Poppyseed: White chocolate, Cream, Butter, Glucose, Lemon juice, Lemon zest, Poppyseed. 

Contains: Dairy, Soy, and Gluten. May contain traces of Peanuts and/or Tree Nuts. 

All CXBO bonbons must be refrigerated upon arrival. Bonbons may expire within 2-6 weeks of delivery.

CXBO bonbons are hand-painted with vegan, pigmented cocoa butter.